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How to Use Our Audio Pronouncer Phone Extension

Our audio pronouncer phone line is the most reliable solution for making sure voiceover recordings are free from mispronunciations. Continue reading to find out exactly how to use this resource so that your brand and products are pronounced correctly the first time. We produce professional voice recordings, including call center recordings, on hold messages, auto … Continued

How to Continue a Social Culture While Working from Home in Voiceover and Podcasting

The American workplace is changing, in a way that it might take years to fully understand. Even before the pandemic, many companies were embracing a new, decentralized approach to office culture, pushing away from the cubicle farms and fixed office settings of years past. Instead of forcing an entire workforce to commute to a shared … Continued

What’s a Pronouncer? And Why We Use Pronouncers

Just what is a pronouncer? First, let’s zoom out and look at our core business. Producing error-free telephone recordings in Spanish, French, English, and over 80 other languages for call centers is our primary business service. Our customers need their brand names, people, addresses, etc. correctly pronounced by our voiceover talent. What Is a Pronouncer? … Continued

Yes, Of Course You Should Hire a Professional Voice Talent!

One of the questions we frequently get while discussing audio options with our customers is, “Why shouldn’t I just do this recording myself?” And it’s a question that we totally understand. With the rise of smartphones and so many other technological advances, it makes sense that a discerning customer would wonder if they could save … Continued