Advanced Call Queuing Personalized Experience & Reporting

Advanced Call Queuing Personalized man in polka dot shirt holding cell phone to ear Here at Marketing Messages, we always try to stay on top of the latest changes and improvements in the telecommunications space. After all, the better informed we are, the better equipped our customers will be for their own interactions and dealings with their customers. That is why we are very excited with a new Advanced Call Queuing personalized experience solution, now available for customers. While we continue to provide our classic style of Messages-On-Hold, this new solution improves the customer experience by tailoring messages based on the caller’s profile, giving them more control over their call queue experience, among other benefits.

This new Advanced Call Queuing platform is an Internet-based approach that will enable advanced contact centers to systematically customize music and messages in real-time based on the needs and preference of callers. Put simply, this solution makes it possible to customize a caller’s experience to suit that individual person, rather than a single static piece of messaging and music that is identical no matter who calls in.

Among the other advances that this new solution will provide for our customers, Advanced Call Queuing allows for more targeted messaging, fewer dropped calls, increased understanding of calling behavior, reduced agent staffing requirements, and just an overall improved customer experience. Instead of sitting on hold and feeling isolated and ignored, the customer has an experience designed specifically for them and their own needs and interests.

This new solution is made possible by advances in audio deployment technology. Rather than simply manually deploying and playing static audio files on a standard device, the Internet-based platform enables music and messages to be streamed directly to a call center application and played, in real-time, to callers. Advanced Call Queuing will be configured to react to individual caller data, and specific to specific call center platforms.

Not only that, but this system can actually route a caller to specific music and messages based on individual caller details like geography, preferences, or product usage. This information will be passed to the system via SIP headers. If a caller wants to talk about a specific product, the Advanced Call Queuing system will deploy music and messages linked to that product.

Not only will Advanced Call Queuing provide a more friendly, personalized experience to customers, but it will also assist a company with greater outreach to and understanding of their customer base. Using this new system, reports can be generated that will help marketers assess the effectiveness of their various messages and campaigns. Statistics include drop rate, caller hold times, and which messages are heard and for how long.

Even as we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most forward-thinking technologies available, Marketing Messages remains committed to the fundamental tenets of our business. We will continue to provide full recording, music, and script management support for this solution, providing our customers the best possible experience as they strive to do the same for their own customer base.

We are very excited by the Advanced Call Queuing system and cannot wait to see how much it improves the customer experience! Talk to us about it.