For Best Results, Keep Your On Hold Messages Current

Keep your on-hold messages current and close the deal

Update Your Messages

Once they have created and installed their Messages-on-Hold, it is common for businesses to leave that MOH up, unaltered, for an indefinite length of time. But while the on hold messages will keep playing for as long as they’re left installed, keeping the message completely static is a waste of a valuable opportunity to keep customers informed and excited.

Regularly updated, a good on hold message can serve as a compelling marketing asset. You just have to be sure to fill the message with the right kind of information to keep a customer engaged and attentive.

It is tempting to load up a MOH script with descriptions of all of your business’s various features and functions, but in our experience, we have found that these sort of messages tend to go in one ear and out the other for the consumer. Customers get quickly bored with these recitations, especially if they call in regularly and have to hear the same voice describing the same services over and over again.

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What customers find much more engaging are actual resources and advice that you can give for your particular field, or navigating to the desired outcome within your specific company. For example, direct your customer to your website’s dedicated Resource Center, or promote your company’s podcast or White Papers if you have them. You will see much more engagement with the customer if you create these tangible connections within your organization or business.

Another great use of Messages-On-Hold is to promote sales, events, business functions, etc. Suddenly, instead of being a static, forgotten feature of your phone system, your MOH is an active promotional arm alerting anyone who calls in about the big goings on that you have going on. That kind of easy promotion provides an incalculable amount of client engagement for any project or event.

An active organization should update their Messages-On-Hold at least four times a year, if not more. If nothing else, changing up your message will make the experience of waiting on hold a more pleasant encounter for the customer.

And at the end of the day, aren’t we all hoping for a happy customer?

Here at Marketing Messages, we are more than happy to put in the time to help you develop your Messages-On-Hold scripts to make sure you are putting out the best information possible to capture the customer’s attention and communicate just exactly what you need to be said. Schedule a time to speak with us!