Guide to Conversational Scripting

guide to conversational scriptingIn recent years, the vocal delivery for IVR, call center and auto attendant voice recordings has moved towards more natural, conversational human interaction. This trend calls for a new approach to scripting that prevents voice talents from sounding monotonous and robotic and reflects how people really talk to each other. We call this a guide to Conversational Scripting.

After reading our Conversational Scripting Whitepaper you’ll be better able to:

  • Make your voice prompts sound more natural and welcoming
  • Maintain the caller’s interest and attention
  • Help your business and your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Improve chances of a successful customer transaction

This Whitepaper includes examples of “Before and After” voice prompts that illustrate how using simple scripting techniques can convert a collection of traditional messages into a free flowing conversation.