Dental Voiceover services ensure that the message that you need delivered to your patients is consistent and keeps them engaged.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have employed voice services for phone systems that  that greet callers distribute them to various departments, and provide information promoting new services. More recently, however, more emphasis is being placed on patient care and improving processes. And voiceover has expanded beyond phone systems to visually-oriented vehicles such as web videos and clinical presentations.

The vast majority of dental practitioners we work with talk about being stretched thin. They want to promote their practices, advise patients of new developments in dental care, and project a more polished image to the outside world, yet they are torn time-wise between doing all of these things, and well… practicing dentistry!

We have helped dozens of dental practices nationwide by providing professional sounding voices that are perceived by patients to be calming and empathetic. The recordings we provide not only sell your practice, but impart important care information as well as support the efficiency of your practice processes.

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Driving directions and hours
  • Cleaning scheduling
  • Outbound appointment reminders
  • New service introductions (for ex. Teeth whitening)
  • Dental eligibility and benefits information
  • Orthodontics information

The goal of this page is to spark ideas for your practice by providing real-life Messages-on-Hold™ samples and some script examples for both onhold messaging and prompts for automated phone systems.


Sample Dental Voiceover Scripts & Recordings

Messages-On-Hold™ for Dental

Dental Messages-On-Hold™ Sample Scripts

Here are some examples of Messages-On-Hold™ scripts from our dental practice customers.

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DentistDental Voice Prompt Sample Scripts

Here are some example voice prompts that can be employed to improve patient care and yield efficiencies in a healthcare setting. While focused primarily on medical practices and other healthcare-related concerns, many of these examples are applicable to dental practices.

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