Our Voice Partner Program

We help third-party telco and call center solution providers to quickly and easily incorporate professional voiceover services into their offerings by providing highly tailored selling and delivery support.


For marketing services firms, we assist in integrating voice into a variety of marketing delivery vehicles, such as phone, web, and video.  Click here to learn more about Voice Partner Program for Marketing and Multi-Media.


Partner Program For Telco

Over the 30-plus years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that third-party firms that provide call center and other telco-based solutions experience challenges that are separate and distinct from those faced by end customers. In response to these needs, we have developed a partner-centric sales and delivery model that address the needs of a broad range of technology and services firms:

  • Telecommunications Solutions Providers
  • IVR Equipment and Platform Vendors
  • Call Flow Design and Development Firms
  • Call Center Software and Outsourcing
  • Credit and Payment Processing


Why Add Voiceover Services To Your Solution?

Our telco and call center partners strive to be total solution providers. Adding voice completes your offering – improving your client’s caller experience and putting money in your pocket as well.

Why Partner With Marketing Messages?

Why Partner With Marketing Messages?

We offer the best combination of market leadership and personalized support geared specifically for telco and call center solution providers. And we “plug in” to your offering with minimal effort on your part.

Sales & Delivery Resources for Partners

  • Our chief goal here is to enable telco solution providers to articulate our services easily and without a lot of time and training – keeping you focused on what you do best. These tools include:

    • Voice Talent & Music Audio Sample Pages

      Web pages with short mp3 clips of voice demos for all of our Voice Artists, organized by application and language. Some of our partners link to these pages from their own websites. Click Here to listen!

    • Script Examples

      Tell us the industry of your prospect and customer and we can send you examples that can be used to model their own voice messages and prompts. Click Here to request script examples.

    • Customer “Dialog Demos”

      Custom demonstrations that simulate how our Voice Artists would sound within a given application. Based on customer-specific scripts and tailored for specific sales situations using one or more of our Voice Artists. Click Here to request a Dialog Demo.

    • Proposal Inserts

      Standard wording that describes our IVR, Auto Attendant. And Messages-On-Hold™ voiceover offerings and are designed to fit into our partners’ proposals. Some insert this text as is, others shorten and/or tailor to suit their needs. If desired, we can tailor a Proposal Insert for you. Click Here to request Proposal Inserts.

    • Email Templates

      Ready-made e-mail templates to quickly send basic information to your prospects and clients with a few clicks and key strokes. These templates are voiced from the partner’s perspective and include information step-by-step instruction to get started. Click Here to request E-mail Templates.

    • Voice Partner Sales FAQ

      This two-page document distills the basics of what your sales resources need to know to explain the features and value of professional voice recordings. Click Here to request the Voice Partner Sales FAQ.

    • Industry E-Books

      PDF-based documents that describe best-in-class uses of voiceover services in specific industries. E-Books currently available for Financial Services and Energy. Click Here to request an Industry E-Book.

  • We recognize that our partners view recording quality/accuracy and service responsiveness as key requirements leading to client success. The following aids make delivery fast, reliable, and hassle-free:

    • Creating Your Messages-on-Hold Guide

      A guide that lays out the step-by-step process by which a prospect generates raw promotional or informational content from which Marketing Messages will build Messages-On-Hold (MOH) recordings.

    • Auto Attendant Guidelines and Examples

      General guidance and tips and tricks for the development of prompts for greetings, call distribution, and customer information. It includes generic and specialized example scripts that can be used as a starting point for customization, and a way to expand the client’s thinking around how an auto attendant could be more effectively employed.

    • Script Submission Templates

      We provide our partners with templates that represent a standard format for accurately and consistently constructing prompts and messages. This prevents confusion over what specifically needs to be recorded and ensures proper file naming and management.

  • We view pre-recorded prompts as a key value-added and differentiated component of a call center solution – and we’re willing to invest in marketing events, programs, and vehicles that help our partners more effectively sell their own products.

    • User and Trade Conferences

      Where it makes mutual sense, we will participate in our partners’ user conferences as speakers. We are more than happy to co-present with our partners and/or act as a complementary solution providers at selected tradeshows.

    • Webinar Support

      We can lend our expertise in professional voice prompt recording to any webinars you are planning, and will also organize dedicated sessions focusing on the benefits of employing pre-recorded voice prompts.

    • Website Logo and Description Exchange

      Each partner is eligible to have its logo and company description posted on our corporate website (www.marketingmessages.com) – provided that the partner also includes a Marketing Messages logo and description on its own site.

    • Sales Training Sessions

      We will participate in any internal training session that you deem appropriate – whether via an online meeting format or in person.


Voice Partner Directory

Browse through our list of Voice Partners and connect with a variety of best-in-class service providers.

  • IVR Development Firms
  • Call Center Outsourcers
  • Telephone Solution Providers
  • Credit and Payment Processing Companies
  • Marketing Services Firms

Learn more about becoming a Voice Partner!

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