Professional Voice Prompts for Healthcare Services

professional voice prompts healthcare woman telephoneWhile every company personalizes their customer-facing voice messages to suit their own needs and brand identities, here at Marketing Messages we have gotten pretty used to the standard shape that auto attendant scripts and IVR prompts take. Phone directories, directions, hours of service, these are the kinds of professional voice recordings we create each and every day. But some industries are required to put their voice messages to more diverse use. As an example, today let’s talk about the different kinds of professional voice prompts utilized by the medical and healthcare industries.

Messages Tailored to Inform Clients and Patients

To be sure, we certainly see standard voice message scripts from hospitals and medical practices. Hospitals, like any other complex structure, need phone directories to different departments and individuals, including individual doctors. There will need to be messages tailored to inform clients and patients of locations, directions, emergency numbers to contact, and hours of operation.

But then there are other needs, specific to medical practices. Scheduling is a major concern for hospitals, including post-op appointments and follow-ups or outbound appointment reminders for patients who already have an appointment on the books.

For internal communication, we have also seen hospitals request voice recordings that can be utilized for staff to call in and schedule their own time off. Here’s one example of that kind of auto-attendant message: “You have reached the Outpatient Therapy Services staff call-out line. If you’re calling out for the day, please leave a message after the prompt with your name and reason for calling out. Calls are picked up Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM. Please contact your supervisor on his/her direct line in addition to leaving a message on this line.”

Healthcare clients also utilize professional voice talents for messages related to testing results, outpatient lab services, prescription refills, patient surveys, ordering medical supplies, and, in some cases, informing patients about dental eligibility and benefits information.

Professional Voice Prompt for Healthcare Example

An IVR prompt system related to benefits might look something like this:
“Type 1 benefits include preventive and diagnostic services. Quartet Dental will provide coverage up to…
“Type 2 benefits include minor restorative services – including periodic maintenance. Quartet Dental will provide coverage up to…
“Type 3 benefits include major restorative services. Quartet Dental will provide coverage up to…”
And so on, for every option and combination of information that you might need.

And finally, our clients in the healthcare industry utilize voice narration for health services information, be it the hotline for information about that year’s flu, or, in the case of this past year, Covid. Voiceover recordings are also implemented to assist in medical records requests or to post information for prospective employees or students.

Professional Benefits

A massive benefit to using a professional voice talent for customer-facing messaging is the professional’s ability to modulate their performance based on the needs of a given message. As we have seen, there are many, many different kinds of voiceover recordings, and a different delivery might be preferred depending on what is being communicated to whom.

One of our esteemed voice talents, Roxanne, regularly voices English and Spanish messages for a children’s hospital, and she makes a point to be extra calming and reassuring when she performs for them.

Other hospitals and practices might prioritize a delivery that is rock-steady and thoroughly unemotional as it delivers information to patients. A smaller facility might prefer language in their messages that is casual, conversational, maybe borderline folksy as it addresses a small community and region, while a larger operation might wish to be as clinical as possible.

These are the kinds of discussions that can be had about the different sorts of professional voice prompts utilized by the medical and healthcare industries. But they are the same kind of discussions that can be had by any customer in any industry. There are always opportunities to do more with your professional voice recordings and on-hold messages. The only question is whether or not you will make the most out of those opportunities.