Voice Artist Recording Safety Process During COVID-19

recording studio safety processAt Marketing Messages, nothing is of greater importance than our contributing Voice Artists knowing that their recording studio safety process and comfort is a top priority as we all adjust to the new demands of this strange time.

While most of the Voice Artists we work with record independently in their own home studios, there are some occasions when a voice needs to come into the Marketing Messages office and use our official recording studio.

Marketing Messages has and will continue to take the necessary steps to make sure that our office and recording studio is a sterile environment with no chance of infection for either the Voice Artist or the recording engineer. The Marketing Messages staff has worked almost entirely remotely for the duration of the pandemic, with only one member of the staff routinely visiting the office at a time.

Masks are required to even enter the building, and the office itself holds numerous cleaning supplies. In addition, at our insistence, the building’s cleaning teams thoroughly wash and disinfect our office the day before any Voice Artist is scheduled to come in.

We have developed a process that is quick, easy, and safe for both the Voice Artist and the engineer performing the in-studio recording.

We require both the audio engineer and the Voice Artist to wear a mask. The only exception is when the Voice Artist is in the booth, actually recording.

Once the recording session has begun, we follow the following steps, keeping our engineer separate from the Voice Artist throughout the process:

  1. Voice Artist enters the studio, enters the booth,and closes the booth door. Hand sanitizer is available.
  2. Engineer enters the studio.
  3. Artist voices script as per norm. When finished, instead of exiting booth to sit down next to engineer, The Voice Artist remains in booth with headphones on.
  4. Engineer plays back the file through the Voice Artist’s headphones. Both parties can communicate to each other and listen to recordings via an intercom-type audio system with booth door closed.
  5. After Voice Artist and engineer agree that the recordings are good, engineer leaves the studio and returns to his/her office.
  6. Voice Artist leaves the booth, stopping at the kitchen table to sign off on the session. Soap, water, paper towels, and hand sanitizer are available. Voice Artist exits the building.

Through these careful steps, we have been able to keep our employees and contributors safe while also fulfilling the audio needs of our customers.

Even with this existing recording studio safety process, Marketing Messages is ready to listen to any of our Voice Artists who have additional questions and suggestions about their needs.

Want to discuss a script for your next voice recording project? Let’s schedule a time to talk!