Our Voice Marketing framework puts your target customer at the center of a well thought out brand-reinforcing process. It starts with a set of marketing and system objectives which guide both the creation of voice scripts and the selection of a Voice Artist (or, if appropriate, Voice Artists) that best reflect the image you’re trying to convey.


Branding & Customer Persona Analysis

We help customers to create a voice “persona” that matches the demographics of specific caller communities, as well as company/product branding.


Script Review and Writing

Whether you’re creating onhold messaging or designing a complex IVR system, a thorough script review ensures that callers have a productive and brand enhancing experience.


Voice Talent Coaching Sessions

We can organize recording sessions during which our clients and/or third-party services firms can directly provide direction and feedback to our Voice Artists.


Custom Voice Demonstrations

We’ll arrange to have a Voice Artist record a short script that you provide at no charge to ensure that you select the right voice for your brand.