Script Writing and Review

Many of our customers create their own scripts, but we offer script writing and review services if required. Our process is designed to to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide recordings that accurately represent the call, web, or video designer’s intent.
  • Conform to best practices associated with the chosen media (phone, web, visual).
  • Ensure proper pronunciation and accurate translation for all languages.
  • Create a customer experience that reinforces your brand.

Our process starts with an initial script submission using a template document appropriate to the media. This documents are standardized forms that ensure accuracy and consistency in the recording, translation, and audio engineering process. We review the script for grammar, ease of navigation, and listenability; and collaborate with the designer until the script is mutually understood and agreed upon. Special attention is paid to pronunciation and translation, with a customer service coordinator driving all open issues to resolution. We also employ a Pronunciation Hotline, enabling designers to call in to record complex or hard-to-interpret terms and phrases, which ensures that the Voice Artist represents them accurately.

Want Script Examples?

We have generic and industry-specific examples in our Resource Center.