Voice Marketing is a branding strategy that aligns all of an organization’s professionally recorded messages and the unique attributes of a give voice with their value proposition.

The central principle here is to make a conscious choice in selecting one voice (or a limited number where appropriate) to represent and continually represent your brand, informed by an understanding or your customer base and the image you’re striving to convey. Doing so will enable you to:

  • Build comfort and familiarity between your callers and your chosen Voice Artist
  • Create a professional image by providing a consistent experience for callers
  • Ensure that the messages themselves are consistent across all “Voice Touchpoints”


Voice Touchpoints are encountered anywhere a customer or prospect might encounter a recorded voice in her/his interaction within your organization. Some examples of encounters, and the channels through which they occur:

MM_Graphic_v2Our Free E-book “The Essential Guide To Voice Marketing” goes into this concept in more detail. The guide touches upon the benefits of using a professional voice talent, the importance of emotional engagement, and how Voice Marketing fits into your larger marketing strategy and program mix.

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