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Our studio-quality, highly accurate professional voice prompts are meticulously engineered to tight audio specifications demanded by Fortune 500 corporations and telco/call center solution providers.   We specialize in complex IVR projects requiring the concurrent implementation of multiple languages.  We support the following applications:


  • IVR prompts must be recorded and edited to ensure that phrases of all lengths can be smoothly concatenated, with a variety of voice inflections that ensure a natural, conversational flow.  Our Voice Artists are trained to maintain consistent vocal characteristics through the life of an IVR system.  Our Sound Engineers apply a standard editing process for each individual prompt to ensure the same consistency over time.

    Marketing Messages supplies inbound and outbound IVR voice prompts in over 70 languages for both on-premise and hosted VoIP systems.  

    • Comprehensive phone-based banking and insurance transaction systems.
    • Phone enabled drug trials and surveys for pharmaceutical companies.
    • Account billing and outage reporting systems for energy utilities.
    • Travel reservation systems for airline and other transportation applications.

    We support all major telco/IVR platforms, including Cisco, Avaya, Convergys, and Genesys, and Interactive Intelligence.  We also support emerging telephony Technologies, such as automated speech recognition (ASR), outbound dialing, mobile, and multi-media applications integrating voice, SMS, chat, and social media.

    Speech recognition pose very specific challenges relative to touchtone applications.
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  • Voice recordings supporting Auto Attendant applications greet customers and distribute them to various departments and individuals.  More importantly, your chosen Voice Artist represents your organization, making a positive first impression and setting the tone for when the caller engages with a live person.

    Compared to recordings created by internal employees, a professional voice talent provides key advantages:

    • A more professional caller experience – A trained voice talent sounds more professional and is adept at maintaining a consistent style, tone, and volume over time.
    • Enhanced brand image – Using the same professional voice across all voice-enabled systems reinforces the brand and builds familiarity with customers.
    • Better use of resources – Internal resources get promoted, transferred, terminated, etc.  Replacing the voice results in an inconsistent voice interface.
    • Reduce administrative hassle – Employing a professional voice services firm eases the burden of keeping recordings up to date.

    We do more than just provide the recordings. We provide tools and guidance to tailor your script and call flow to achieve your call objectives.

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  • Companies are proactively reaching out to customers to automate routine interactions, such as:

    • Bill collection
    • Appointment reminders
    • Power outage and restoration
    • Outbound telemarketing

    Each application requires its own persona, depending on the action the caller is asked to perform. Our Voice Artists can be coached to adapt her/his speaking style accordingly.

  • An automated phone survey is a great vehicle for soliciting feedback from customers. Our Voice Artists can add personality to these conversations, as well as increase response rates.    These surveys can easily be localized to multiple geographies using our Global Translation Services.

  • Traditional company Auto Attendant messages can be repackaged and personalized for individuals. Voice prompts route and manage calls based on the receiver’s personal preferences, enabling more control and flexibility.  For these applications, we pay particular attention to subtle nuances in conversational style,  which provides a personal touch compared to a Text-To-Speech approach.

    We also can provide no cost custom demonstrations called Dialog Demos if you would like to evaluate multiple Voice Artists, or hear what the interaction would sound like in multiple languages.   Caller interaction can also be easily localized to multiple geographies using our Global Translation Services.

  • Accurate translations by native speakers ensure that regional subtleties within your messages are communicated in an authentic and culturally sensitive manner. Our translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and use Trados and other translation memory software to ensure consistency both within and across scripts and other documents.

    While we are happy to record text translated by our customers, we strongly recommend using our translation services. The practice of using the same party for both recording and translating across all languages ensures quality and consistency (same meaning is retained across languages, errors are consistently handled, etc.), streamlines delivery, and accelerates turnaround. In addition, our translators are particularly attuned to how text is read over the medium of the telephone, which is a specialized skill separate and distinct from other forms of translation, such as document translation. Finally, our translators have worked with our Voice Artists over a number of years, and are on the same page when it comes to understanding subtleties of each language that are open to interpretation.

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