PromptsPLUS® for Speech Recognition

Automated Speech Recognition applications enable callers to access information and complete transactions by understanding what they are saying, rather than requiring navigation through a long menu tree with a telephone key pad. This creates a dynamic that is different from what the caller would experience in a touchtone environment:

  • Emotion is more important – Since an ASR application more closely resembles a real human conversation, the recorded voice needs to sound more natural and employ a broad range of emotions to make the caller feel more comfortable. Our Voice Artists are trained to vary their expression, tone and inflection based on what is happening in a given transaction.
  • Voice prompt menus are flatter – ASR applications can recognize a broad range of spoken possibilities and interpret the intent of the caller. Given the resulting caller dynamics, our script writers can identify subtle changes that will increase the chances that the caller will complete transactions more quickly and easily.
  • Error correction is critical – As spoken phrases are more subject to misinterpretation than key strokes, the caller may become frustrated or irritated. If the voice heard by the caller is perceived as helpful, and understanding, it creates a more pleasant customer experience.

Voice Services For Speech Recognition Application Development

Marketing Messages provides a series of supporting voice services to ensure a positive caller experience for speech recognition applications:

  • Coaching Sessions enable customers and third party IVR developers to provide the realtime coaching and feedback to our Voice Artists that are particularly critical in managing the subtleties of a speech application.
  • Dialog Demos are simulated conversations between caller and Voice Artists that help IVR developers effectively choose the right voice for a given application.
  • Persona development is the process by which we help customers to create a voice “persona” that matches the demographics of specific caller communities, as well as company/product branding.
  • Script reviews help IVR developers identify ways to improve call flows and increase transaction completion rates.

Enterprise-grade Multi-lingual Voice Services

From script scrubbing to on-the-fly edits, we are full-service experts.