Our insurance voice recordings practice addresses the professional voice needs of any size organization, from local insurance agencies to national providers:

  • Large Insurance Carriers
  • Insurance Agencies (Home/Life Auto)
  • Medical Insurance (“Healthcare Payers”)
  • Insurance Support Services

For comprehensive insurance IVR systems, claims processing and policyholder account information management requires a broad range of short voice prompts that need to be seamlessly combined such that the caller dialog sounds natural and conversational. Also, many insurance organizations desire a professional voice that sounds responsive and caring – particularly for systems or messages relating to insurance claims. The ability to emotionally connect with customers can be expanded to a broader stakeholder community by providing bilingual voice recordings that combine English with Spanish or French.

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Claims processing
  • Policyholder account information
  • Accident and loss reporting
  • Coverage questions
  • Policy issuance status
  • Onhold messaging to promote new services and benefits
  • Music on Hold

Sample Recordings & Scripts

PromptsPLUS for Auto Attendant, ACD, and IVR applications


Narration for Multi-Media Presentations

An increasing number of credit and debit management companies are imparting information to their customers using a variety of visually-oriented multi-media vehicles:

  • Web Videos: New insurance product introductions, corporate and product overview
  • E-Learning: Corporate policies and processes, claims processing instructions

Add Voice To Your Videos!