Reinforce Your Message with Integrated Narration

Combining visual and audio elements makes any multi-media vehicle more impactful and holds the attention of the audience. Our Voice Artists provide professional narration for your videos and presentations, adapting their narrative style to achieve your marketing, customer service, or E-Learning objectives.


Our specialty:  Expanding the reach of your existing English language multi-media vehicle to a global audience.  We translate and record the same narration in Spanish, French, and over 70 other languages using a consistent process across all recordings.


  • More and more organizations are employing web videos to tell their story quickly and impactfully, integrating multi-media elements such as moving and still imagery, text, sound effects and, increasingly, an audio component supplied by professional voice talents. Our Voice Artists can tailor their delivery to appeal to the organization’s customer personas and reinforce its brand.

  • Explaining product features memorably and accurately requires both a visual and audio component.  Our Voice Artists are trained to explain complex concepts and pronounce technical terms with precision and clarity.  We also synchronize our audio with key visual elements to highlight specific product features.

    Example Video:  Technicon (Manufactured components)

    Example Video:  Hydrofarm (Hydroponics/Lighting for gardening)

  • If pronouncing key terms in your medical or scientific presentation twists the speaker’s tongue into a knot, we can help. We provide a credible voice for medical specialty instructional videos, clinical procedure guides, and medical practice overviews. Our voice talents are available for coached sessions in which clinicians can provide direct guide for pronunciation of complex drug names and medical terms. Translation and voice localization is also available.

    Example Video: URMI (Nuclear Imaging)

  • Manufacturers and technical services providers are increasingly relying on multimedia vehicles to guide their customers in the use of their offerings. Marketing Messages can provide voiceover for assembly, maintenance and repair videos, ensuring that instructions are clearly and memorably conveyed. For products offered globally, these guides can be narrated in a variety of languages.

    Example Video: Spectral Evolution (Spectroradiometers)

  • Videos are increasingly being used to communicate policies and procedures throughout large organizations, but holding the audience’s attention is a difficult challenge. Professional voice talents are trained to deliver content in an expressive manner. This is particularly important when extended sessions are required, and the content is dry and detailed.

  • Effective training requires a sustained level of focus and a high level of content retention on the part of the audience – particularly if it is self-paced training outside of the traditional classroom environment. Your organization can achieve both objectives by “hiring” one of our Voice Artists as the instructor or localizing existing content in multiple languages.  We work with both corporate training staff and e-learning program developers to provide memorable voice-enabled content delivered within any educational medium.

  • If you already have videos with narration in English, we can act as the single point of support for localizing your videos globally. We can translate and record into multiple languages, as well as integrate each recording into the corresponding video for each geography served.