Recordings That Powerfully Convey Your Unique Message

Our goal is to craft a Messages On Hold™ recording that is highly personalized and completely aligned with your promotional and branding strategy. We want you to consider our script writers to be an extension of your marketing team – and your chosen Voice Artist a compelling spokesperson for your products and services.

Package Options


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Messages On Hold programs are up to 6 minutes long and up to 3 songs. Program includes the voiceover recordings, background music, script writing, and a license to use the program at one location.

Ideal for organizations who envisioning updating their programs no more than once or twice a year.

One-time payment plans and options:

Buy one Messages On Hold program for a low, one-time fee. Update it whenever you want for the single-program price.

Buy two Messages On Hold programs and save 20% on the second recording. Record the second Messages On Hold program at any time.

Standard Assurances
Standard one sentence recordings assuring the caller that he/she is still on hold. Recorded with or without custom company or location name.

Auto Attendant Starter Package
Receive up to 8 prompts at a steeply discount rate if purchasing them together with a Messages On Hold Plan. Prompt examples:

  • Phone greetings
  • Call distribution (press 1 for Sales, etc.)
  • General and departmental voice mailboxes

Internet Streaming Plans

messages on hold, marketing messages, ivr prompt, professional voice over services

This offering provides speed, ease-of-use and flexibility by supporting the distribution and management of Messages On Hold files via the Internet. It combines specialized audio players with a cloud-based system for rapid message mixing, scheduling, and updating.

Ideal for progressive marketers who wish to update and synchronize their programs more frequently.

Annual subscription plans with low monthly payments:

Update your on hold messages up to 4 times a year.

Update your on hold messages up to 12 times a year.

Update your on hold messages as frequently as needed (maximum: twice a month).

Subscription plans require the installation of iLink Digital Announcers at each location to support the direct loading of audio files over the Internet.

We highly recommend that you refresh your Messages On Hold ™ on a regular basis to stay aligned with your marketing strategy and retain the interest of your buyers. A Multi-Program Program or Subscription represent the best way to do this. WHY? Read on…

Here’s the simple 3-step process for creating your Messages On Hold ™ program:


Submit Your Script

You have two options: you can either provide us your own script using our simple Messages On Hold™ template, or you can provide us with 8 to 10 short content bullets from which we will build you a custom script (we provide you step-by-step guidance using our Creating Your Messages-On-Hold™ guide).


Choose a Voice Artist

Go to our Voices Page to select from our 135 Voice Talents. We have about 25 US English talents, but consider a bi-lingual Messages On Hold™ in English/French or English/Spanish.


We Take Care of the Rest

We’ll arrange and complete the recording session, proof and validate the audio, edit the audio so that it sounds perfect, and send it to you within 5 business days. That’s it!

For more detail about our script review process, see our Script Review and Resources webpage.

Messages On Hold™ Service Features

  • Who likes to be on hold? Just about no one. Most people want to talk to a live body.

    So we ask ourselves… how can this time be used to sell AND educate the caller? It starts with your marketing objectives. Our script writers take a holistic view of your full product offering, promotional programs and marketing materials to analyze your current messaging in depth. We then draw on the wealth of experience and industry-oriented knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 30 years to ensure your Messages On Hold hits its mark.

    We can either review a script that you provide to make suggestions, or create a script for you. Should you choose to have us to do the writing, we provide you with a starter guide, Creating Your Messages On Hold. This resource outlines the step-by-step process by which we turn the raw material you provide us into an information-rich, attention-holding set of messages. Potential sources of content include:

    • Your website
    • Promotional material/schedule
    • Product brochures
    • Branding guides
    • Any facts, figures, and selling points you provide us in bullet form.

    We review the script for grammar, pronunciation, and listenability; and collaborate with you until the script is mutually understood and agreed upon.

  • If a significant portion of your customer base speaks something other than English as a first language, we can create a Bilingual Messages On Hold™ program. This program consists of recordings in two languages, both spoken with a neutral accent by a single Voice Artist. Bilingual programs are usually English/Spanish or English/French, but other combinations are available as well.

    Employing a Bilingual Messages On Hold™ program will enable your organization to:

    • Expand your audience to drive more revenue
    • Prevent misunderstandings about your products and Services
    • Forge a more intimate bond with non-English speakers
    • Gain credibility as a proponent of diversity
  • The Holiday Season drives large spikes in phone usage and is a perfect time to cross-promote different products and services. To put customers in a buying mood, we can provide a second audio file of your Messages On Hold program with the same recorded messages alternating with your choice of holiday music. If you have one of our Digital Announcers, you’ll be able to quickly and easily swap your regular and holiday versions by simply plugging a thumb drive containing the right audio file into the player at the beginning and end of the holiday season. If you buy your Messages On Hold program with a Digital Announcer, we provide this service at no charge.

  • Who doesn’t want to be a star? Especially if it’s an opportunity to showcase your company!

    Many of our most effective Messages On Hold™ recordings include a paragraph or two recorded directly by company owners and executives. Our Audio Production staff will use the same technologies and techniques as we employ working with the “pros”, providing guidance relating to style, inflection, and enunciation. Your company’s representative can come into our headquarters studio in Waltham, Massachusetts or record, with the right equipment, offsite, using the most recent recording technology.

    Incorporating a President’s Message into your Messages On Hold™ recording will:

    • Lend credibility and authenticity to your on hold messaging
    • Add a local touch if the speaker has  a strong regional accent
    • Break up the recording in a way the holds the caller’s attention
    • Allow you to tell your friends and family that you are now a Recording Star!

    Click here to hear a President’s Message from the owner of a tire distributor.

  • If your on hold messages sound polished and professional but your recorded greetings and call distribution prompts are anything but, the caller’s brand experience will be compromised.

    We recommend using the same Voice Artist(s) to be heard for all recordings that a caller might encounter in a given transaction. When ordered together with a Messages On Hold™ program, we offer significant discounts from our standard PromptsPLUS ® voice prompt rates and can deliver both pieces as part of a single process.

    Recording your on-hold messages and auto attendant prompts together yield a number of advantages:

    • Reinforce your brand by building customer familiarity with one voice
    • Simplify script writing and internal approvals
    • Maintain voice consistency over time
    • Save money by buying as a package
  • If your on hold messages sound polished and professional but your recorded greetings and call distribution prompts are anything but, the caller’s brand experience will be compromised.


On Hold Messaging Equipment

We offer an array of Digital Announcer models that are reliable, maintenance free, and easy to install. These units can simply be plugged into the back of your phone system without needing an on-site technician. Deploy as standalone units or remotely manage a multi-site network via an easy-to use console interface.