All Kinds of On Hold Music for All Kinds of Customers

Playing music for customers while they wait for service has proven to hold the caller’s attention and reduce drop rates. Select from a comprehensive online music library with over 350 songs spanning all major genres –  plus thousands of offline selections. We provide audio files in a variety of file formats suitable to both on-premise and hosted systems and can fit the number and length of songs to your unique needs. Our robust list of on hold music options will ensure the right solution for your audience.

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Music Selection Services

Should you desire assistance with your selections, our Creative Director can help match the right musical style with the attributes of your brand or the tastes of a particular customer persona. For our global enterprise customers, she can recommend selections on a region-by-region basis. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our Music page, she can dig through our offline library until you’re happy. Or if you’re looking for a selection that sounds like a particular popular song, use our “Where Have I Heard That Before” service.

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Holiday Music

Most retailers play holiday on hold music from late November through the end of the year to put callers in the “buying spirit”, but doing so is appropriate for any kind of organization. We recommend our standard Holiday Set as a second set of musical selections. If you have one of our Digital Announcers, you’ll be able to quickly and easily swap your regular and holiday versions by simply plugging a thumb drive containing the right audio file into the player at the beginning and end of the holiday season.

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Digital Announcers

We make initial loading and updating music files easy and worry-free. Our Digital Announcers store and play music on hold in a continuous loop. They do not require a computer technician to install, just plug your unit into the back of your phone system (click here for more information on how to connect our Digital Announcers to your phone system).

To update your music, you simply copy a new MP3 file from a computer’s USB port to the USB flash drive, then plug it back into the Digital Announcer.

We offer single location, networked, and Internet streaming Digital Announcer options.

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CD and Tape Users

For organizations current using CD or tape units, a Digital Announcer provides the following benefits:

  • Always On: Restarts automatically after a power failure (unlike CD players which need to be manually re-booted).
  • Higher Reliability: No moving parts that wear down or warp over time.
  • More Capacity: Hours of memory; ideal for phone use.
  • Variable Volume: Options for 600 and 8 ohm music on hold outputs.
  • Easy To Network: Our Hybrid 7600 enables remote management of offsite units.
  • Ready To Play: We ship the machine with your music pre-loaded. Just plug it in and set the volume.