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Voice recordings for call center applications require very specific skills sets for both vocal delivery and audio engineering. Marketing Messages offers specialized expertise in providing the services, deployment tools, and knowledge resources to ensure success both nationally and globally. We support the industry’s most diverse set of languages, technologies and delivery platforms. See Our Beliefs About Voiceover for Call Centers.

Voices Carry Podcast with Jim Giebutowski

In their premiere Voices Carry podcast episode, husband and wife hosts Jim Giebutowski and Janet Kraus interrupt their life of marital bliss to discuss the world of professional voiceover, and why cocktail parties aren’t the best place to find voice talents.

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Global Deployment Toolkit

A group of resources that guide the voice prompt development process: from initial planning and script development through translation and recording.

  • Top 12 Tips for Multi-Language IVR
  • Voice Marketing Whitepaper
  • Scripting Checklist
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Language Standards
  • Global Voice Prompt Template

Why Contact Center Voice Prompts Are Different

Contact Center prompts are meant to simulate real human conversation, and this requires the use of voice talents with very specific skills, a very specific way of speaking, and a great deal of experience. This also requires the script has itself been carefully prepared in order to simulate the way human conversation sounds, which demands a bit of extra care and attention.