Financial Information Services

Financial institutions and their consumers rely heavily on information providers and professional services firms for decision-making related to money matters. These organizations provide both information and services relating to tax, accounting, human resources and legal needs to their clients.

For these customers, employing professional voice talents to accurate pronounce key financial and legal terms is critical. For our large, multi-national clients, the ability to accurately translate voice prompts and messages into a large number of languages concurrently is also important, given the “high consequence” nature of financial transactions. Our clients in this segment often employ voice narration for their web videos and training applications to aid the listener’s ability to recall large amounts of information.

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Multi-location/Multi-language Auto Attendant
  • Payroll processing
  • Retirement services
  • Multi-language tax and accounting services
  • Onhold messages for new tax laws
  • Onhold messages for compliance reporting

Sample Recordings & Scripts

PromptsPLUS for Auto Attendant, ACD, and IVR applications


Sample Scripts

Please contact us if you’d like prompt and/or MOH sample scripts for information services sent to you.

Narration for Multi-Media Presentations

The high rate of change in information services creates the need to impart data in a compelling and memorable way, aided by visually-oriented multi-media vehicles. We make your messaging more impactful and memorable by adding professional voice narration:

  • Web Videos: Online services orientation, new product introductions
  • Customer E-Learning: Tax regulations and compliance education
  • Internal training: Company policies and processes, benefits enrollment

Free AA Prompt Examples

We have generic and financial services-specific examples in our Resource Center