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Multilingual IVR: 5 Big Ways to Get It Exactly WRONG

For companies that serve customers globally,  the challenge of communicating in broad range of languages presents unique challenges, Many times, a multilingual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is needed to route callers to the right department.  Deploying such a system with professionally recorded voice prompts can propel your business forward in a brand-affirming, culturally-nuance away … Continued


It’s Contextual: 5 Ways Professional Voice Talent Makes All the Difference

Your business is constantly evolving.  When it comes to marketing your brand, there is no checklist to complete and walk away from.  Just like laundry, marketing is never completely done.  Every customer touchpoint is weighted – either towards, or away from, your business – depending on the connection made at every single interaction.  Let me … Continued


5 Reasons Why Offering Professional Voice IVR is Essential

You’ve spent countless hours and resources on a proposal for designing and deploying a new telephony platform for your client.   You’re in a dogfight with multiple competitors for this business, so any advantage, large or small, might be the difference between winning and losing. You wonder if your proposal is effectively differentiated from that of … Continued