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On Hold Music Genre; Coffeehouse – Like Warm Sunshine

When you place callers on hold, how do you think they feel? Callers that feel anxious while on hold are more likely to hang up. Did you know you can have some level of control over your callers’ mood? Your Messages-On-Hold music choices—the music that accompanies the voice recordings—can make a difference. We have a … Continued


How to Avoid Robotic-Sounding Voice Prompts

We’ve all had a moment stuck on hold, trying to navigate our way through a company’s phone tree with only impersonal, automated recordings to guide us. It can be a long, frustrating experience, made all the longer and more frustrating by the voice recordings which can often be stilted, monotonous, and, well, robotic. Obviously you … Continued


Holiday Upgrade to Your Messages-On-Hold!

At Marketing Messages, we are getting into the holiday spirit! We want to help make your winter season as festive as possible, and so for a limited time we are offering you, our customer, the chance to get a free, festive upgrade to your existing Messages-On-Hold. Here’s how it works: You choose three songs from … Continued