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Voice Talent Spotlight: Sean – Broad Range of Recording & Acting Experience

Looking for a warm, expressive, mature male voice talent for your next project? Then you need to check out Sean. Based in Brooklyn, New York and Boston, Massachusetts, Sean has recorded over 130 audiobooks, narrated television documentaries, and acted in films and plays. Professionally, Sean has the ability to talk with authority, while at the … Continued


Voice Talent Spotlight: Roxanne – English, Spanish, & Portuguese!

Roxanne has done enough professional recording for enough different industries to know that every company and organization has their own sound. “A lot of work I do is for repeat clients,” she explained. “I definitely have a slightly different approach for each one. I just try to think about who’s calling this number, and what … Continued


On Hold Messaging and More: Experience Marketing Association 2019

I spent Thursday through Sunday this past week representing Marketing Messages at the annual Experience Marketing Association (EMA) conference in Atlanta. The conference, formerly known as the On Hold Messaging Association, or OHMA, brings together on-hold providers and their technology partners for a few days of experience sharing, technology updates, and networking. I will be … Continued


Tracking Down Noise in Your Voiceover Recordings

Is it a squeak? A buzz? A rattle? An echo? A general boingy-ness? Is the sound muffled? Harsh? Staticky? Does the sound come and go? Is it constant? What frequency range is most effected? When I hear some unwanted noise in any voice recording, these are the questions I start to ask. We want to … Continued