Our Voices Live And Travel Anywhere Around The Globe!

Create a more interactive experience for your customers with Voice Recordings that add intelligence and personality to your mobile and smart devices.


Cell phones and tablets becoming more conversational, as are previously-voiceless devices that people use every day.   Whether it’s recorded tour at a museum or a toy that speaks in different languages.  Marketing Messages is on the forefront of voice enabling communication in a way that engages yet another of your customer’s five senses.


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Audio Books and Tours

We can provide narration for audio books in any vocal style, as well as recordings employed in audio tours for museums, landmarks, and other mobile settings.  Localize your recordings in multiple languages to reach a global audience with personality and credibility.

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Mobile Business Applications

For mobile apps, interaction through voice is often the preferred communication medium given limited real estate on smart phone screens. We can provide voice recordings to make interacting with these apps easy and convenient.

Voice_Enabled_Consumer_Goods, voice marketing

Voice-Enabled Consumer Goods

Everyday items found in homes are becoming increasingly interactive and conversational. We can breath life into everything from kitchen appliances and toys to hearing aids and fitness equipment with compelling voices in any language.

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Voice Advertisements

These abbreviated voice clips are the perfect way to make a persuasive sales pitch to an on-the-go target audience. Our Voice Artists are trained to communicate your customer messages convincingly in a short period of time.



Making robots truly interactive and life-like is fast becoming a critical goal for robotics applications.   Imagine if the conversations between man and machine could be more  authentic and natural than what we’ve seen in sci-fi movies.   Our voice recordings can make this happen in languages of your choosing.

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Mobile News and Information

A mobile user can consume information in a car, in between meetings, on the beach with cocktail in hand.  When gazing at a phone screen or typing is not an option, our voice recordings can convey news, weather, financial data, and educational content memorably and with personality – all within tight time windows.

Gaming_Characters, voice marketing, audio marketing, voiceover

Gaming Characters

Our Voice Artists are in fact, actors and actresses, and can inject heart and spirit into gaming characters in any theatrical style. Or, if you’re looking to unveil your characters globally, we can translate and record English narrative into multiple languages.