Our Voice Partner Program for Marketing and Multi-Media Firms

We help marketing services firms to integrate professional voiceover services into a variety of marketing delivery vehicles, such as web, video, and phone. Our goal is to make your visually oriented customer deliverables more impactful and memorable.


We Help You To Reinforce Your Client's Brand

We have found over that years that marketing and multi-media firms vary dramatically with respect to their voiceover needs.   When such a firm is involved in project in which voiceover is incorporated, more attention tends to be paid to brand and customer profiling than projects in which we engage the client directly.

In response to these needs, we have developed a marketing-centric approach to voice integration, with an eye towards ensuring consistency with and reinforcement of all elements of your marketing mix.   We address the needs of:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Services Firms
  • Video Production Houses
  • E-Learning Application and Service Providers
  • Localization Specialists

Voice Integration Sales Tools:

Our chief goal  here is to enable our multi-media partners to articulate our services easily and without a lot of time and training – keeping you focused on what you do best. These tools include:

  • Web pages with short mp3 clips of voice demos for all of our Voice Artists, organized by application and language. Some of our partners link to these pages from their own websites. Click here to listen!

  • Custom demonstrations that simulate how our Voice Artists would sound within a given application. Based on customer-specific scripts and tailored for specific sales situations using one or more of our Voice Artists. Click here to request script examples.

  • Standard wording that describes our Web and Multi-Media voiceover capabilities and is designed to fit into our partners’ proposals. Some insert this text as is, while others shorten and/or tailor it to suit their needs.  If desired, we can tailor a Proposal Insert for you.

  • Ready-made e-mail templates to quickly send basic information to your prospects and clients with a few clicks and key strokes. These templates are voiced from the partner’s perspective and include information step-by-step instruction to get started. Click here to request E-mail Templates.

  • A guide that lays out the step-by-step process by which a prospect generates raw promotional or informational content from which Marketing Messages will build Messages-On-Hold recordings.  Click here to request your Creating Your Messages-On-Hold  Guide.

  • PDF-based documents that describe best-in-class uses of voiceover services in specific industries. E-Books currently available for Financial Services and Energy. Click Here to request an Industry E-Book.

  • Each partner is eligible to have its logo and company description posted on our corporate website provided that the partner also includes a Marketing Messages logo and description on its own site.

Learn more about becoming a Voice Partner!

Or please call:

Jim Giebutowski, Partner, Business Development

1-800-4VOICES (1-800-486-4237) for More Partner Information.