Electric & Gas Utilities

Utility companies are unique from our perspective in that they serve every demographic group… everyone is a customer.  This requires us to provide a broad range of vocal styles to match not only the kind of customer, but the situation in which the she or he is calling – for example outage reporting vs. an outbound bill collection call.   Also, almost all of our utilities customers offer a voice in Spanish, and usage of other languages is increasing as well.

Traditionally, utilities companies have employed interactive voice response (IVR) systems almost exclusively for account and billing information access.  Today, the more progressive energy, gas, and water companies are employing professional voice talents for a plethora of applications – from power restoration to substation authentication.   The scope of applications served extends beyond to onhold messaging, video narration, and more:

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Outage reporting and power restoration
  • Account and billing information
  • Substation authentication
  • Meter seal and lock band removal
  • Down power line reporting
  • Maintenance and repair scheduling
  • Onhold messaging for new energy services
  • Web videos for energy efficiency programs

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