Credit & Debt Management

Our customer base of 150+ organizations includes a diverse set of clientele:

  • Credit card companies
  • Card services providers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Auto leasing

This diverse segment serves a broad set of consumers, and as such we find that these organizations are brand-conscious and particularly concerned with choosing a voice that projects the right tone and style. Many of them require fast turnaround for their voice prompts in multiple languages (particularly Spanish and French) given the high rate of product change and promotional activity in this space.

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Payments and reversals
  • Payment location
  • Service fee notification
  • Account enrollment
  • Card activation
  • Proactive dialing for debt collection
  • Statement requests
  • Loan maturity/payoff date
  • Onhold messaging for payment processing
  • Web videos for policy and processes training

Sample Recordings & Scripts

PromptsPLUS® for Auto Attendant, ACD, and IVR applications


Sample MOH Scripts

Please contact us if you’d like prompt and/or MOH sample scripts for credit/debt management sent to you.

Narration for Multi-Media Presentations

An increasing number of credit and debit management companies are imparting information to their customers using a variety of visually-oriented multi-media vehicles:

  • Web Videos: Orientation to account management online tools, new product introductions, corporate video
  • Internal training/e-learning: Company policies and processes, sales and operation training

Free AA Prompt Examples

We have generic and financial services-specific examples in our Resource Center