A Room with the Right Music Engages Your Customers Emotionally

Multiple studies conclude that ambient music greatly influences buying behavior. Our Background Music offering combines music curated and continually updated by music industry experts with state-of-the-art music players to create a customer environment that is conducive to purchase. We provide one point of support – from initial music selection through initial setup and ongoing support.

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Music Channels Spanning a Broad Variety of Genres

Our expansive song selections are grouped into 20 preset playlists, or “channels,” curated by music industry experts. Each channel features a specific style/theme or time period, borrowing from a variety of musical genres, including Pop, Country, Urban/Hip Hop, Adult Contemporary, Christian, and many others. Examples of channels include:

  • Pops Hits: Blend of classic favorites and today’s hits
  • Decades: Featured songs from each decade from the 70’s on
  • Power Hits: Latest hits from the last 3 years
  • Pub Grub: Pop rock hits from the 80’s to today, higher energy
  • The Coast: Classic soft pop hits, or “adult contemporary”
  • Throwback: Blend of Hip-Hop and Urban genres

For a complete listing of music channels, please visit the Music Channels Page on the MixHits Radio website.

Mixhits iStream Player

Background Music Equipment – Reliable, Secure, and Hassle Free

Music channels are broadcast via the iStream digital music player, which connects to our music server via the Internet. This unit is customer-installable and special-purposed for high fidelity sound. Easy, intuitive LED screens enable users to quickly establish and maintain a network connection, scroll through selections, and perform administrative functions.

  • Multi-Zone: We can play different music in multiple zones from a single unit
  • On Hold Message Functionality: Employ the same unit as an onhold messaging player (iStream 2)
  • Highly Secure: The iStream player employs encryption keys and a restricted operating system to protect your network.
  • High Availability/Low Bandwidth: All music is streamed over the Internet from redundant data centers with high uptime servers – using connections that consume very little bandwidth (128kbps).

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Not Just Entertainment….A Marketing Asset with Tangible Benefits:

  • Create and differentiate your brand: The tempo, loudness, and style of the music you play can help communicate your brand’s personality to customers.
  • Build the right atmosphere: Research shows that the music you play affects not only the store’s environment, but also shoppers’ moods and feelings.
  • Encourage people to buy: Music can influence what shoppers choose and how much they buy. A 2005 study revealed that people tend to spend more on impulse buys when pleasant music is playing.
  • Increase productivity: In a 2013 research by DJS, 77% of businesses agreed that their staff is more productive when music is playing.

We can also couple background music with our Digital Signage and Business Scenting offerings to create a multi-sensory customer visit experience, including sight, sound, and smell.