Traditionally, healthcare organizations have employed voice services for phone systems that greet callers distribute them to various departments,  and provide information promoting new services.   More recently, however, more emphasis is being placed on patient care and improving processes.   And voiceover has expanded beyond phone systems to visually-oriented vehicles such as web videos and clinical presentations. We also see a trends toward serving non-English patients with bilingual messaging and multiple-language call distribution systems.

Examples of Supported Applications:

  • Outbound appointment reminders
  • Medical test scheduling
  • Doctor names and addresses
  • Prescription refills
  • Flu Hotline

  • Drug eligibility requirements
  • Patient surveys
  • Stroke and head injury symptoms
  • New facility introduction videos
  • Medical procedure videos

The goal of this page is to provide real-life audio samples and some script examples that illustrate this shift and spark ideas for your own healthcare voice recordings.


Sample Medical Voiceover Scripts & Recordings

PromptsPLUS® for Auto Attendant and IVR Applications

We provide professional-sounding voice recordings that greet callers and distribute them to various departments, but also impart critical information and help patients more easily get access to care. Listen to some representative sample medical voiceover audio clips below from our clients:


DoctorsHealthcare Voice Prompt Sample Scripts

Here are some example voice prompts that can be employed to improve patient care and yield efficiencies in a healthcare setting. These scripts can be used as a starting point, and then customized to your specific needs.

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Messages-On-Hold™ for Medical

Healthcare Messages-On-Hold™ Sample Scripts

Here are some examples of Messages-On-Hold™ scripts from our hospital, medical practice and other healthcare-focused customers.

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Narration for Multi-Media Presentations

More and more healthcare organizations are turning to multi-media vehicles for more effectively imparting information to their constituencies. We make your messaging more impactful and memorable by adding professional voice narration to:

  • Web Videos: Healthcare providers often employ video when introducing new services, such as opening a new specialty practice – or educating patients on specific medical topics, such as recognizing symptoms for certain health conditions. Our voice narration provides a powerful complement to your video’s visual elements.
  • Presentations: We can bring Powerpoint and other visual media to life by providing a credible-sounding, professional voice to clinical presentations, medical device demonstrations, or any vehicle by which new medical services can be communicated to patients.
  • E-Learning:  Adding professional narration to e-learning applications improves information retention of both patients and internal constituencies such as clinicians and administrators. For example, medical policies and procedures can be more effectively communicated when the audience hears as well as views the content.