Voiceover for Call Centers – Our Beliefs

Based upon our beliefs about voiceover for Call Centers, we have re-architected our voiceover service offering specifically for Call and Contact Centers. Why have we done this? Because…

  • Call center recordings are unique relative to other voice prompt types. These recordings are becoming more conversational and natural, and the need to combine prompts and system-supplied data requires unique scripting and vocal delivery approaches. For example, contact center IVR prompts tend to include many short phrases that need to be inflected differently depending on where the phrase is positioned relative to the entire prompt – i.e. a rising, falling, or neutral inflection, all of which might differ subtly based on the phrase.
  • Call Centers support a caller experience that is more holistic, targeted, and branded. We marry IVR, advanced call queuing, and other call center applications into a more integrated, holistic approach. We target our recordings by integrating CRM-resident customer data to create more relevant messaging. This involves playing specific messages based on the caller’s demographic profile or past buying behavior.
  • New Call Center technologies are enabling a more multi-faceted dialog with callers. Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), “omnichannel” integration (SMS, text, etc.), and cloud-based message delivery all require a different voiceover approach. For example, we provide technology that enables callers to request SMS/text messages regarding key product and service information while on hold. Also, our Voice Artists are trained to voice prompts differently if the application is ASR enabled – as the more open-ended nature of the dialog requires the Voice Artist to vary their emotion and inflection more so than for a touch-tone application.
  • More organizations are taking a global approach to Call Center voice recording deployment.  In recent years, marketing professionals have been placing more emphasis on 1) global branding and 2) the “Customer Experience”, or “CX”. Both imperatives require that all phone interaction should be conducted in the caller’s native language. For global call centers, this may involve deploying voice prompts in 5, 10, or even 20 or more languages concurrently. Our global voiceover services offering addresses the complexity of these projects across multiple dimensions, including scripting, translation,  recording, audio engineering, and project management.

Enterprise-grade Multi-lingual Voice Services

From script scrubbing to on-the-fly edits, we are full-service experts.