Message On Hold Equipment Made Easy

Our full line of Digital Announcers for standalone and networked operation.   These state-of-the-art units work with all major phone systems brands and are backed by 3 to 5 year warranties.    We ship the same day or within 24 hours.  Technical support is available at no charge.

Standalone Units

These units require no technical expertise or assistance to set up and operate.  Just follow these simple steps:


Plug In

Simply plug in the Digital Announcer to the back of your phone system.



We e-mail you your Messages-on-Hold™ or music file.   You copy the file (or files) onto a 1 GB thumb drive that we provide you.



Insert the thumb drive into the USB port of the Digital Announcer, and your file is ready to be played. Message On Hold Equipment made easy!

The file automatically loads into internal memory…you can remove the drive or leave it in for convenience.

VersaPlay LT1

VersaPlay LT1: Hands-Free Audio Load Via E-mail

The VersaPlay LT1 reduces the time and effort of loading and updating onhold message (MOH) files. Your audio is delivered from Marketing Messages directly to your LT1 unit via its own e-mail address. No need to manually copy and load files via USB thumbdrive or other means.

  • Wired or wireless file transfer: Connects to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.
  • Advanced scheduling: Messages can be scheduled to start and stop on predefined future dates/times.
  • Simultaneous messaging to multiple sites: One MOH recording can be sent to multiple units with a single e-mail. Location groups can be defined via e-mail aliases.
  • Lightweight and easy to set up: Small (3.5 inch L x 2.5 inch W x 1.2 inch D) and light (about 2 lbs). Can be installed in 3 easy steps.

Messager-USBi, On hold equipment, on hold messages, messages on hold, message on hold, professional voice over services

Neltech Messager USBi

Reliable and value priced.   This unit can play one or multiple MP3 files and includes a blue status LED for quick diagnostics.

  • Optional trigger allows a message or tone to play via button, switch or motion sensor.
  • Sonocryptic message encryption to prevent unauthorized playback (optional).
  • Includes both RCA-to-mini and RCA-to-RCA connectors.
  • Automatic reboot after power outages.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • PC & Mac compatible.
  • 5 year warranty.  Made in USA.

Call Handler Pro

iHold Call Handler Pro

Handle initial call greeting and onhold messages efficiently with one integrated phone solution.

Our new Auto Answer Call Handler Pro is more than just a traditional music/message on Hold device. When a phone rings, the unit’s “Auto Answer” function can greet the caller with an initial greeting message, then move the caller to a a loop of rotating professional onhold messages until you can handle the call. Works with both PBX/KSU units and analog phones (up to 4 lines).

  • Call queuing option: Allows the calls to be placed in a “queue” in the order they are received. This approach is more customer service-friendly than the traditional approach in which calls are picked up on the next available line.
  • Audible call announcement: Announces the number of the line that needs to be picked up from queued calls every 30 seconds. Announcements are played via a speaker in the unit and can be configured in multiple languages.
  • Smart Office Hours mode: Set daily start time and duration of daily service, and the service automatically switches off.
  • Telemarketer Zap function: Senses that the call is from a telemarketer and terminates the call.

Networked Platforms

Messages-On-Hold are automatically delivered over the Internet

ILink - Image for Web Site, On hold equipment, on hold messages, messages on hold, message on hold, professional voice over services

iLink LCD Internet Loadable Messaging System

The iLink LCD is the ultimate “no-hassle, hands-free” onhold messaging solution. This system enables Marketing Messages to upload Messages-On-Hold ™ and onhold music files directly to your iLink unit via the Internet using the NTL Studio software suite.

  • Automatically update messages on a pre-scheduled basis without requiring manual reloading audio files.
  • Set up your messages to rotate on a set schedule, or update at any time interval you desire.
  • Two-way “pull or pull” feature combined with on-demand or scheduled message changes provides unlimited flexibility.


  • Backlit LCD screen and membrane touch controls.
  • Internet connectivity via built in 10/100 LA Jack.
  • BGM input with adjustable fader and mixer.
  • Fully configurable playback option
  • Dual independent outputs  to support multi-zone implementations.
  • Up to 2GB memory capacity
  • Supports bit/sample rate up to 128Kbps/48KHz
  • Built-in speaker
  • 5 year warranty. Made in USA.

CUBE_VX1 player

CUBE VX1: Flexible audio distribution and playback for On-Premise and VoIP/Hosted systems

The Cube VX1 is a network-based MOH player platform for distributing and managing onhold messaging files. The player operates as a physical player for on-premise environments or a “virtual player” in a hosted/VoIP environment. MOH files are transmitted directly through the Internet from a Cube-hosted website.

  • MOH file rotation (Virtual Player): Most VoIP systems play from the beginning of the MOH file. CUBE VX1 enables “message looping”– i.e., the ability to place the caller into a random location within the hold message queue – within the internal memory of hosted systems.
  • Flexible, forward scheduling: Messages within an MOH production are stored individually, and can be scheduled in advance based on user-defined stop and start dates/times.
  • Enhanced sound quality/file support: Supports HD Voice for superior sound quality over a VoIP/network environment. Supports a broad spectrum of audio file formats – including all versions of mp3 and wav files, as well as high fidelity formats such as FLAC.
  • MOH/Telephony integration: Cube has worked with a number of hosted VoIP platforms to integrate MOH call handling into their systems – such as Broadview, Asterisk and RingCentral.
  • SMARTHold services: For selected VoIP platforms, CUBE hosts every individual calls in its data center, which enables them to provide unique caller services such as caller-selectable music, language choice, AP news stories, in-session surveys, and host of onhold statistics and analytics.