Large energy, gas, and water utilities have looked to Marketing Messages for over 30 years for professional energy voiceover services, as have over 150 smaller energy-related contractors and service providers.

Fueling Customer Satisfaction With Energy Voiceover

It used to be that customer expectations relating to information access was not as high as in other industries.  We’ve seen this change dramatically, particularly in the past five years. Both the amount of information and the channels through which it is dispersed has increased substantially, as has the need to present the information in a way that creates a sense of comfort, confidence, and familiarity with a broad group of energy stakeholders.  With respect to professional voiceover, our energy customers have been asking themselves:

  • How can we make our customers more receptive to using our phone and web systems?
  • How do we make the experience as pleasant and calming as possible?
  • How do we use this experience to reinforce our brand?

The professionalism and personality of a voice talent is key ingredient in the answers to these questions.  We have provided our voice recordings to over 150 energy-related organizations over the past 30 plus years – from large electrical, gas, and water utilities to small and medium sized HVAC contractors, oil dealers and other energy-related concerns.

We invite you to hear audio demonstrations and review script samples related to the following energy-related segments: