A Scented Room Elicits Vivid Emotions in Your Customers

Smell effects about 75% of your emotions. We provide a savvy scenting solution that evenly distributes pleasant aroma to make any size space pleasing and engaging for your customers and employees. A scented space can elevate mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and increase the likelihood of purchase.

orange citrus aroma bottle mint

Room Scenting Benefits

Scenting is fast becoming a marketing and customer experience asset with tangible and well-studied business benefits:

  • Increase sales: Studies have shown customers stay up to 44% longer in a pleasant smelling space.
  • Improve comprehension: Certain scent formulas have been proven to help customers more fully understand your product/service offerings.
  • Stimulate recall and retrieval: Smell elicits the greatest recall of all of the senses. It improves the customer’s ability to easily remember key offering details.

Room scenting is a key marketing & customer experience asset in a broad range of industries.

Companies in each of these industries (and many others) can employ scents designed to elicit specific emotions:

hospital lobby medical staff

Medical Office

A medical office might use Lavender scent to relieve stress and anxiety for its patients.

woman man hotel lobby


A hotel can make a vacation stay more memorable by infusing Vanilla in its lobby to relax customers.

woman man car dealership

Auto Dealer

An auto dealer can deodorize its showroom and waiting area with our Fresh Blue aroma.