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COVID Status and Update Page

General Service Status

Marketing Messages will continue to be fully operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Standard recording and translating leadtime will remain unaffected with no service interruptions. In addition, we are extending our free 2 day/next day service offer through June 12, 2020 for any recordings that include COVID 19-related scripting. Same day service is also available at reduced rates when capacity allows. As is our long-standing practice, expedite services are generally available but contingent on available capacity; larger projects are subject to approval from Marketing Messages project management. To date, we have been able to accommodate all expedite requests.

All sales, customer service, and technical service personnel are working full schedules and will be accessible via telephone via their respective home offices, as we are unable to travel to our Boston-based location. Fortunately, all of our script review, translating, audio proofing and validation, voice file editing and engineering, and audio file distribution/archiving do not require face-to-face interaction, and can be just as effectively performed in a work-at-home environment as it would be in an office-based set up. All of our information and telco systems are web-based and fully backed up.

Voice Artist and Translator Availability

The vast majority of our Voice Artists record from home studios with an audio set up and environment that we specify and test. Accordingly, there has been very little impact on our ability to serve customers throughout the crisis to date, and we envision this to continue to be the case going forward. Our process and policies are designed to minimize availability issues, and the various government mandates to work from home would generally work in the favor of our customers and partners, as Voice Talents will be less likely to engage in activities that would take them away from their studios. This is also true of our translation partners.

For global languages outside of English, Spanish, and French, we continue to utilize a small number of local but native-speaking Voice Artists who come into our Boston-based studio for recording sessions. When a recording session requested for one of these voice talents, we would arrange to have an alternate Voice Artist voice a temporary recording in the requested language, as our on-site recording studio is closed in accordance with local government mandates. Once local movement restrictions are lifted, we would have the originally assigned Voice Artists re-record the relevant messages/prompts at no charge when that Voice Artist comes in for her/his next recording session – so that user interface consistency is maintained.

Why Updating Your Recordings Is Important

We strongly recommend that you consider updating your IVR, auto attendant, and hold messages to communicate information relating to the coronavirus/COVID 19. We are currently fielding numerous rush requests from our customers and partners, as time is of the essence for many of the organizations. Many are focused on the organization’s operating status with respect to revised processes and practices. Others are to relay helpful health-related information and procedures – even if the organization is not healthcare related.

Using your same Voice Artist is a more brand-affirming approach than rushing in-house recordings by non-professionals; you’ll keep the caller experience consistent and convey a sense of comfort and normality (to the extent possible given the circumstances), which will reflect positively on your brand.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or issues via phone (617-527-3023) or via e-mail (Jim Giebutowski: or Brendan Foley: If you need a recording session, please send an order request to If you need a project quote, please visit our Request a Quote page

Please stay safe, and let us know how we can help.

The Staff at Marketing Messages