Top 10 Tips for Multi-Language Video and E-Learning Narration

Top-10-Tips-for-Multi-Language-Video-and-E-Learning-NarrationYour web videos are a smashing success in the U.S., but how would they play on a more global stage?

The use of web-based web videos and e-learning applications has greatly increased in recent years, as has the need to localize these assets to a broad range of geographies. Expanding these assets globally creates significant challenges for marketing and training professionals, who seek to:

  • Maintain consistent messaging
  • Avoid cultural pitfalls
  • Streamline the localization process
  • Find voice talents with long-form narration skills across multiple geographies

This Top Ten list offers tips to address these issues and ensure that your web videos and e-learning modules are effectively supported globally by professional, multi-language voice narration.

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