Our experienced team of Voice Artists and script writers will create attention-grabbing promotional and informational messages playing over your choice of musical selections. Boost revenue by cross selling new product and services while your customers wait for service.


On Hold Music

Our comprehensive song library spans every musical genre imaginable, with audio samples of over 350 songs available on our Music webpage and thousands more offline. Our Creative Director can help you select music that reflect your brand’s image and appeal to your target customers.

On Hold Equipment

We offer an array of Digital Announcer models that are reliable, maintenance free, and easy to install.  These units can simply be plugged into the back of your phone system without needing an on-site technician.  Deploy as standalone units or remotely manage a multi-site network via an easy-to use console interface.

Why Invest in On Hold Messaging?

Your customers interact with your brand in multiple ways: visiting your website, using a mobile device to access information, and of course, the ever-present social media.  But the telephone continues to persist as one of the most important, especially when it comes to customer service.  Your customers still reach for the phone when they need help, are ready to make a purchase or want to voice a complaint.

That’s why the voice on the other end – the one speaking as your Brand Ambassador – must capture the essence of who you are and what you do.  At Marketing Messages, we understand the critical nature of persona development, enabling consistency in tone, style and message.  Your audio personification should be as brand consistent as your other customer touchpoints.  Our Messages On Hold™ plans allow you to customize your promotional strategy in a voice unique to your brand.

On hold messaging may be the first interaction a customer has with your brand.  By enlisting one of our Professional Voice Artists, along with On Hold Music, you can convey importantinformation on new product or service offerings, product usage tips, and current promotions – all of which keep your customers engaged and entertained while they wait.

The rewards for investing in our Professional Voice Services include customer retention, return purchasing and new customer acquisition for your company, at a price that is cost competitive with alternative marketing methoss.  You know it’s worth your time to evaluate the way your business interacts with your customers on the phone.  It’s never too late to make improvements.  Let us give life to your brand with our Messages On Hold™ programs.