Why Use Professional Voices Instead of Internal Employees?

Would you rather your customer hear…



Many organizations use internal resources for recorded prompts and messages – resulting in an inconsistent and less-than-polished experience for callers and a missed opportunity to build the organization’s brand.   Employing professional voice services results in the following benefits:

  • More consistent, professional caller experience – A trained voice talent sounds more professional and is adept at maintaining a consistent style, tone, and volume when recordings are updated.
  • Enhance brand image – Using the same professional voice across all voice-enabled systems reinforces the brand and builds familiarity with customers.
  • Better use of resources – Internal resources get promoted, transferred, terminated, etc., – and adding a replacement voice to an existing system results in an inconsistent voice interface.
  • Reduce administrative hassle – Employing a professional voice services firm eases the administrative burdens of coordinating recording schedules/deadlines for customers with multiple systems, locations and languages.

Enterprise-grade Multi-lingual Voice Services

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