For marketing-savvy organizations who seek to quickly update messages for new promotions, product introductions, and key customer information — as well as tailor their messaging to their target markets.

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VoiceCentral uses Internet streaming technology to:

  • Distribute MOH files directly via the cloud, vs. e-mailing/loading files via USB thumb drives
  • Distribute location-specific messages and manage them centrally
  • Dynamically add/change/delete individual messages
  • Change the frequency with which certain messages are played
  • Schedule certain messages to play on certain days of the week
  • Forward schedule messages by defining a start and stop date
  • Enable time-of-day specific phrases (“Good morning” for AM, “Good evening” for PM)

How VoiceCentral Works

VoiceCentral’s Internet Streaming approach employs two pieces of technology: iLink, a Digital Announcer special-purposed for Internet streaming, and NTL Studio, server-based software that centralizes the management and distribution of onhold messages. They work together to simplify and accelerate the MOH creation and updating process.

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  1. Once your messages are recorded, we load them onto a cloud-based server
  2. VoiceCentral automatically updates every iLink unit with your new message – even different messages at different locations!

NTL Studio polls locations continuously and audio files are automatically pushed directly to each location

Traditional Method – Too Many Steps!

  1. Record message
  2. Manually remix recordings with music
  3. Voiceover provider e-mails audio file
  4. Copy audio from computer to USB drive
  5. Manually load audio via USB drive into Digital Announcer (DA)
  6. E-Mail audio file to individuals at remote locations
  7. Remote resource copies audio from computer to USB Drive
  8. Remote resource loads to each DA via multiple USB drives


All prices are per location. Does not include iLink Digital Announcer.