Why You Should Update Your Messages-On-Hold™ Regularly

For the vast majority of organizations, on hold messaging creates much more value if the messages are refreshed continually. If your hold messages are out of sync with the timing and content of the rest of your marketing programs, revenue opportunities will be lost and the risk exists that the customer will hear outdated information (never fun!).

Buying a VoiceCentral Subscription enables you to:

  • Keep your messages consistent with seasonal and other product changes
  • Coordinate your messages with other marketing vehicles and programs
  • Increase cross-sell revenue across more products
  • Save money over the long term

How a VoiceCentral Subscription Works

With a VoiceCentral subscription, you pay a low flat payment each month, with the right to make a defined amount of revisions within a given year.   We will send you an e-mail at an interval of you choosing reminding you that it is time to update your messages.   You can choose to change only one paragraph based (for example, on a time-bound promotion or event),  tailor messages to specific locations,   or completely revamp your entire messaging – including a new voice and music.

Remember that on hold messaging is a marketing investment just like all of the other elements of your marketing program. Unless you’re convinced you’ll never change your messaging or marketing plan, try to avoid the “one and done” approach to Messages-On-Hold.