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Professional Voice Services for Banking

Our voices can be heard at over 150 banks nationwide, from small regional banks and credit unions to large, diversified multi-national banks. For banking IVR systems, information intensity and product complexity requires a high volume of prompts – many of them short phrases that need to be smoothly concatenated to create a pleasant caller experience. We also provide banking onhold messaging that enables cross-selling of various bank services, as well as narration for customer videos, branch kiosks, and internal training courses.

Examples of Supported Applications

  • Telephone banking (balance, transfers)
  • Branch/ATM locators
  • Outbound dialing for collections
  • Bank rate lines
  • Stop payments
  • Multi-location/Multi-language Auto Attendant
  • Onhold messaging to promote mobile banking
  • Web videos for home banking orientation

Sample Recordings & Scripts

PromptsPLUS for Auto Attendant, ACD, and IVR applications


Narration for Multi-Media Presentations

An increasing number of banks are imparting information to their customers using a variety of visually-oriented multi-media vehicles:

  • Web Videos: Online banking orientation, banking product introductions, community service videos
  • Branch Kiosks: Product offering descriptions
  • E-Learning: Corporate and branch policies and processes, settlement procedures

Add Voice To Your Videos!

A_Guide_To_Using_Professional_Narration, banking voice services