Why Voiceover Services?

Look great by making your customers sound great! Incorporating professional voices into your offering enables you to:

  • Improve your customer’s caller experience – Prompts and messages recorded by professional voice talents sound more engaging and empathetic than those recorded by untrained, internal resources.
  • Address a broader set of customer needs – Enables you to generate trust through consultation and expand relationships with a more diverse set of decision-makers.
  • Differentiate your offering from competitors – Professional voiceover could represent a value-added service that your competition may not mention or provide, giving you a leg up.
  • Boost transaction completion rates – Studies show that using a professional voice talent for call center systems increases transaction completion rates by 15-20%
  • Generate more revenue – Earn a percentage for customer referral fees or become a reseller and receive discounted services. Or package our professional voiceover with call flow development services to offer a more complete solution.

Partner Sales FAQ

Download the Top 10 things partner sales reps should know about Voiceover Services