What does Voiceover Diversity help companies do?

Appeal to a broader customer base. Rather than taking an approach that centers on having one kind of voice that appeals to one kind of customer, Voice Diversity allows you to make all customers feel that your company views them as equally valuable.

Project your brand as both progressive and inclusive. Marketing professionals want the customer to view a brand as always moving forward, not stuck in the past. Employing a voice talent who projects as a Person of Color, whether for a core system or as one of a portfolio of voice talents, signals this to customers. More inclusivity in a voiceover portfolio also demonstrates that the brand is equally meaningful for anyone in the target market – irrespective of race, creed, gender identity, or any other demographic dimension.

Support company diversity initiatives. DEI programs have proliferated across all educational, governmental, and business institutions at the most senior levels, where decisions are made. In the corporate world, DEI principles have been translated into specific marketing and technology initiatives. Incentives are also now in place to reward decisions that result in more equal treatment across all employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Employing Voice Diversity can be one way a company can reach its DEI objectives and other related goals.

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Voiceover Diversity: Call Center Recordings Can Respond to the DEI Challenge

Over the last 18 months, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs and related initiatives have touched all facets of business, and society. As a professional voiceover firm with a global reach and a large North American customer base serving a diverse set of communities, Marketing Messages is grappling with the implications of this movement on the relationship between call center recordings and the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community.

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Why There’s a Need for Voice Diversity in Healthcare

Diversity has never been more important in healthcare, and that includes the professional voice recordings that healthcare providers utilize for their patients and their staff. Both the rise of DEI initiatives and the COVID-19 pandemic have radically reshaped our cultural understanding of the unique challenges faced by diverse patient and provider communities. The voices that these communities hear in their daily interactions with healthcare organizations should reflect this diversity, whether it’s a patient calling a medical center or a doctor listening to a clinical video.

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Connect With Callers in Their Native Language - Locally and Globally

To connect with customers in a meaningful and credible way requires speaking their language. A multi-language approach enhances brand credibility, ensures more accurate communications, and creates empathy with all callers. It also improves operational efficiency by processing scripts, translations, and recordings in a standardized manner – eliminating errors caused by a language-by-language approach.

We create professional, human voice recordings and accurate translations in over 85 languages and dialects, both worldwide and within specific regions. Our staff and extended network are attuned to subtle but critical nuances that can make or break effective engagement with native speakers.