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Keep Your Messages Up to Date During the COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone’s life and business upside down. It is vitally important that you keep your customer-facing messages up to date, providing your customers with clear, accurate voice prompts with information about how and when your business continues to function during this strange time. When the pandemic first began to make a … Continued


Avoiding Voice Over Screw-ups in Your Multi-language Projects

Marketing Messages has provided audio in over 80 languages, for a host of clients across the globe. After all that experience, we have learned that there are several common mistakes that can cause major problems for a customer’s Auto-Attendant or IVR prompts. Read on or watch our video so you can avoid voiceover screw ups. … Continued


For Best Results, Keep Your On Hold Messages Current

Update Your Messages Once they have created and installed their Messages-on-Hold, it is common for businesses to leave that MOH up, unaltered, for an indefinite length of time. But while the on hold messages will keep playing for as long as they’re left installed, keeping the message completely static is a waste of a valuable … Continued


Voice Artist Recording Safety Process During COVID-19

At Marketing Messages, nothing is of greater importance than our contributing Voice Artists knowing that their recording studio safety process and comfort is a top priority as we all adjust to the new demands of this strange time. While most of the Voice Artists we work with record independently in their own home studios, there … Continued