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Check Your Audio Signal Flow for Professional Voice Recordings

To record a professional voice talent correctly, you must ensure proper audio signal flow from the voice to the final captured digital audio data. But what is audio signal flow? Audio signal flow is the path an audio signal takes from its source to its destination. In our case, this is a straightforward path from … Continued

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How Does Google Determine Search Results Summaries & Menus?

When searching Google, typing in your search query, and hitting ENTER, you receive page 1 of a list of relevant web sites. But look closer. Google gives you a lot more than just a list of links. Underneath each search result link is a summary – a sentence or two that provides further insight into … Continued


Putting Patients at The Center of Your Healthcare On Hold Messages

Healthcare is constantly changing, especially in a post-COVID landscape. And just as the medical field is constantly undergoing changes and new evolutions, at Marketing Messages we have observed that the ways in which on hold messages are employed have also changed. It is no longer enough to keep static music playing while a disembodied voice … Continued

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The Value of Keeping Your Messages Fresh

We understand why it’s tempting to leave your onhold messages static, especially once you land on a voice and script that works well for you and your clients. Days fill up with other tasks very quickly, and so things that are functioning neatly and don’t need constant attention can fade to the back of your … Continued