Prompt-Level Audio Proofing & Editing

We are maniacal about sound quality.  We recognize that both simple auto attendant systems and complex, multi-language IVR systems may be in place over many years, and as such, each and every audio file is meticulously edited by a professional sound engineer.   Our audio proofing process includes the following tasks:

  • Proof and validate recordings to ensure fidelity to the final script
  • Take out breaths and extraneous noises
  • Tailor heads and tails of file to enable smooth phrase concatenation
  • Insert silence at the beginning of prompts when appropriate
  • Equalize volume and other audio characteristics to ensure consistency as prompts are added and updated over the lifetime of the system

We consistently executing each step above the same way, every time, through the lifetime of a system. This is particularly important in global call center applications involving many languages.   The alternative is cobbling together different languages using disparate parties and processes will ultimately comprise audio integrity and negatively impact the user experience.

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