Coached Sessions

We find that oftentimes IVR developers and call center project managers need the ability to provide feedback directly to our Voice Artists during recording sessions – known in our industry as “Coached Sessions”. These sessions afford our clients and partners more direct control over the development of the user experience, and are enabled by web-based technology, such as Source-Connect, Skype, or Google Chat.

Coached Sessions enables all parties to simultaneously record and interact. Project designers and managers can to give guidance and immediate feedback to the Voice Artist and our sound engineering staff for specific IVR prompts. In preparation for each coached session, we strive to understand and document the unique attributes of the client’s brand as well as the corresponding “caller persona” the Voice Artists will project in each recording.


Coached Sessions result in a higher quality result for the client:

  • Increases control over projects with stringent voice specifications.
  • Eliminates errors and multiple takes – ensures a “perfect take” the first time.
  • Avoids misinterpretation of key branding attributes and pronunciations.
  • Ensures that voice inflection reflects client desires.
  • Enables changes can made on the fly.

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