Custom Voice Demonstrations

Our Voices Page gives you access to generic sample voice demonstrations for dozens of voices talents, but oftentimes it is important to hear recordings using text that is specific to your application, something we call “Dialog Demos”. Hearing these custom recordings helps you imagine how your brand is being represented. There are other practical reasons for taking this extra step:

  • You need to convince your management that a professional voice talent will represent the organization more effectively than recordings created by internal employees.
  • You’re looking to “break the tie” between two voice talent “finalists”.
  • You want make sure the chosen Voice Talent captures subtleties in inflection, emphasis, and emotion associated with specific words and phrases.

For large, strategic projects, we will provide these Dialog Demos free of charge, and will provide an additional version incorporating your feedback if necessary. For speech recognition applications where subtleties in user interaction are critical to get right, we often employ our staff as stand-in callers in a two way dialog with the chosen Voice Artist. This enables you to imagine what the conversation will sound like and identify opportunities to improve the call flow.

Need Voices For Your Video?

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