Customer Persona and Brand Analysis

Our Customer Persona and Brand Analysis starts with a structured discovery process designed to determine how a potential Voice Artist could make an emotional connection with the customer. Some examples of questions we might ask:

  • What is the demographic and psychographic profile of the customer?
  • What interests or preferences does the customer have?
  • What emotions are you trying to elicit from your customer?
  • What image are you trying to portray with your brand?

We then compare the answers to these questions to the specific voice attributes and personalities of our Voice Artists to present choices to you. The voices are sometimes presented as custom demonstrations  to provide an additional round of demos based on initial feedback if required. Either way, we encourage you to solicit feedback from all relevant stakeholders within your organization as a way of obtaining buy-in and generating enthusiasm for your choice.

Building the right marketing messages requires constructing customer personas and brand identity to drive a comprehensive marketing strategy.

So Many Choices, So Little Time.

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