Audio File Management

We take all the hassle out of audio file management by providing them in a “ready to install” state. Our Production Department is staffed by highly detail-oriented, lifelong audio experts who are passionately committed to providing the highest quality audio and best customer service. We provide the following services:

  • Formatting: We are capable of recording or converting audio files into nearly every commercially available format, including numerous variants of .wav, .mp3, .vox, .au. and other less ubiquitous formats.
  • Audio Tuning: If your application or environment requires subtle changes in sound characteristics, we’ll fine tune your audio to ensure the optimal volume, speed, frequency, audio density, and .
  • Naming and Delivery: We can provide your audio files using your file naming and numbering scheme. They are usually delivered as a zip file, but we can organize the files in folders according to your direction.
  • Archiving: Your audio files are securely archived and organized to ensure fast retrieval. Redundant systems are employed to store these files both online and on offline media stored offsite.

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