Voice Talent Availability Notification

Our clients demand that we maintain a high level of voice talent availability over time, as this is critical for planning IVR project resources and meeting key deadlines. We have instituted policies and processes to minimize – and eliminate where possible – any disruptions to your initial projects and prompt updates. Below is our voice talent availability notification process.

E-mail notifications – When one of our Voice Artist goes on vacation, becomes ill, or is otherwise unavailable, we send e-mail notifications to every impacted customer – two weeks in advance for planned unavailability and as soon as is practical for short-notice absences.

Voice Artist alternatives – In the event that a Voice Artist in unavailable in a time window required for a given project or update, we will work with the customer to provide a suitable alternative Voice Talent, to the extent that this is practical from a voice interface design standpoint.

Vocal distress re-records – If a Voice Artist’s voice is compromised due to illness or any other reason, and project planning and/or deadlines dictate that “the show must go on”, we will record an initial recording when needed, and then provide a second replacement recording when the Voice Artist recovers at no charge.

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