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Voices Heard Around The Globe.

Hear short audio demonstrations for each of our 135 Voice Artists, or request a custom demonstration based on a short script you provide. We take your specific direction on vocal style to emotionally connect to a broad range of customer personas.

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Recording and Translation Across 7 Global Regions

Our comprehensive, standardized process ensures consistency and accuracy for multi-language deployments – meeting the tight specifications of Fortune 500 corporations and SMBs alike.

Learn the subtleties of developing and managing voice prompts for global IVR implementations – download our Top 10 Tips for Multi-Language IVR E-Book.

Voices and Messaging Go Hand In Hand.

Our Voice Marketing framework is a set of practices and principles for aligning voice messages and attributes with a company’s brand – supported by a variety of services including customer persona analysis, voice talent coaching, custom voice demonstrations, and script review and analysis.

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Complimentary Whitepaper

“Getting the Most Out of Professional Voice Services”

Learn how to select and work most effectively with voice talent contractors and firms.