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Review and Format Your Script Before Voicing

One of the best ways to make sure that the recording process will go smoothly for the creation of your audio projects, be they Auto Attendant prompts, IVR prompts, On Hold Messages, or any number of other voice recording forms, is to take the time to thoroughly review and format your script before submitting it … Continued


Using Preferred Pronouns for an Inclusive and Welcoming Space

If you receive an email from Marketing Messages, you may notice something different. We have begun adding our gender pronouns (he/him, she/her, etc.) to our email signatures, joining in with a growing number of companies taking similar steps in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. Recent studies have found that as many as … Continued


Voice Artist Recording Safety Process During COVID-19

At Marketing Messages, nothing is of greater importance than our contributing Voice Artists knowing that their recording studio safety process and comfort is a top priority as we all adjust to the new demands of this strange time. While most of the Voice Artists we work with record independently in their own home studios, there … Continued


8 Characteristics of Effective IVR Prompts

Recording informative, well-directed, and impactful IVR voice prompts is critical to creating a positive caller experience. There’s no doubt that your messaging is going to be unique to your business, your phone system, and your customers’ needs. But even so, there are eight effective IVR characteristics that all IVR scriptwriters should try to meet, regardless … Continued