Learn About Us Through Our Customer Reviews in Transportation

Here at Marketing Messages, we pride ourselves on being able to serve the needs of any industry that comes to us with a request for high quality professional audio production. From healthcare to hospitality, from law offices to local and state governments, we handle all kinds of professional voice recordings, with the same level of … Continued


Conversational Scripting Made Easy

In recent years, the vocal delivery for telephone voice messages has moved towards more natural, conversational human interaction. This trend calls for a new approach to scripting that prevents voice over talents from sounding monotonous and robotic and reflects how people really talk to each other. This approach is referred to as ‘Conversational Scripting’, and … Continued


The Pharma Industry Is Global – Bring Real Localization

The pharma industry is a global, massive, high-impact industry. It’s an industry that directly affects some of the most pressing needs of its customers’ lives. More than almost any other industry that we work with here at Marketing Messages, pharmaceutical companies have a vital, pressing need for their recordings to be completely accurate right out … Continued