Business Impact of the Customer Caller Experience

business impact customer caller experienceAt Marketing Messages, we believe that every call is an opportunity. An opportunity to impress, assist, learn, improve, and connect. With so much of the world becoming more and more automated and remote, customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly linked to feeling a sense of genuine humanity rather than being foisted off onto impersonal systems. The customer caller experience is not just a minor detail to be sorted out when time allows, it is a critical component of how your company presents itself to the world. If every call is an opportunity, you can’t afford to waste even one.

Auto Attendant and IVR Prompts

We’ve all been there. You call in somewhere, maybe trying to place or refund an order, maybe contacting a physician for an appointment or prescription, and are greeted not by a human operator but by a convoluted menu made all the more confusing by either a static-filled robotic voice, or an amateurish voice recording clearly slapped together with an iPhone. I don’t know about you, but more than once I’ve found the act of just trying to navigate one of these menus so irritating that eventually I hung up. You come away from these experiences even more frustrated than when you began, now with a bonus feeling of resentment because the person/company you were trying to contact clearly cares so little about their customers.

It makes all the difference in the world when the menus are simple and direct, the voice recordings are performed by a practiced professional, and the audio quality is clean and clear without a single word being dropped by either low quality or a rushed recording. Clear, straightforward menus also mean shorter calls, which means more calls from more customers.


Here’s one we’ve definitely all experienced: Being put on hold and listening to the same minute-long loop of music for ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes, or even longer! By the time someone does finally come to the phone, you feel half-crazy from being made to wait for so long with only a short loop of music for company.

At Marketing Messages, we’ve seen the numerous ways that hold time can be used for more than just a placeholder. Our clients use their onhold messages to advertise for sales and events, announce changes, improvements, and major achievements, even, in the case of some of our partners in the medical field, using regular message-on-hold updates to alert patients to health and safety protocols.

Regularly updating your hold message creates a sense of dynamism and perpetual activity rather than a static message or music cue. Even just an occasional seasonal update with happy holiday messages is a simple way to remind your clients that you are still active and alert and looking after the smallest detail.

A Global Reach

As the world grows ever-more interconnected, there will continue to be a need to speak with a global audience. With our translation services and dozens of voice talents from around the world, Marketing Messages can help you to connect no matter where you are trying to connect to. From the diverse neighborhoods of America to the varying dialects and accents of Europe and Asia, there’s nowhere on the planet that you can’t speak to.

Let’s Talk About Your Customer Caller Experience

If you think that professional voice recordings can be of help to your business, or if you already have voice recordings but want to get even more out of them, then contact us today.

At Marketing Messages, we’ll support you from the first script to the final audio delivery. From our libraries of voices and music to choose from and our staff of experienced professionals, we’re ready to help you make the most of every opportunity that’s waiting for you, just one call away.

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