“Anything can be cool with the right voiceover!”

Anything and everything can be made to appear ‘cool’ with the right voiceover. If you didn’t think so before now, watch this video in which YouTube commenter Richard Heathcote says what we’re thinking about this video:

Anything can be made to sound fascinating, desirable, and epic with the right Voice Over Talent! How do you find the cool, right voiceover artist to project for your brand? You start by looking here at our roster of talents, some of which are so very cool they’re downright frosty! Like on-hold Dan, that old chestnut, he’s chilly like Frosty the Snowman. Who else is cool in this voiceover talent lineup? Which voiceover is right for your brand? Think about what product lines you’d like to market with your next campaign. Let our trusted alliance of voiceover artists bring the heat, or cool, to your next script. Need help refining the script, defining the script, or even initially simply creating the script? We have script-writing services to go along with our professional audio recording services. We translate too! We’ve worked with over 85 languages during the past 30+ years of professional production work here at Marketing Messages, odds are we’ve recorded and edited IVR voice prompts in your native language at some point.

And you know what else? We even made those IVR prompts sound cool by using the right voiceover artist! (Well, maybe not for a banking application, but certainly for auto parts!)